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[Important] Announcement for network maintenance in 9th June, 2021

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  • 07/06/2021 10:54 AM

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for using our services.

To improve the services, we receive the announcement for maintenance network from the network provider with the information as specified below:
  • Estimation Start Time: 01h00 June 9th, 2021 (Singapore TZ GMT +8:00)
  • Estimation End Time: 02h00 June 9th, 2021 (Singapore TZ GMT +8:00)
  • Reason: Add redundant cable network and increase bandwidth for Singapore datacenter.
  • Downtime: Service may be interrupted while transferring traffic from the main cable to the backup cable direction.
    (Note: Time on only is the time project on, real-time may be completed earlier than planned.)

CenterHop would like to inform customers to know and arrange plans. If you need assistance, you can contact us through the following ways:

Once, CenterHop would like to thank you and we hope to receive your cooperation at this maintenance.

Best Regards,

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